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About Halol


Halol is an industrial city located in the southern part of Panch Mahal district in the state of Gujarat. It is also the administrative headquarters of a taluka of the same name and has quite a few ancient cities located within easy district. Consequently, the town is equally important from administrative as well as tourism point of view.

Geography of Halol

Halol is located at coordination of 22° 30' 0' North latitude and 73° 28' 0' East longitude. The city, spread over an area of 14 sq km, has an average elevation of 499 meters. It does not have any river flowing close by. A large manmade water body dug in 1938 provides water to the city.

Pavagadh Hill near Halol

Geogrphy of Halol

Pavagadh Hill, located at a road distance of 13.5 km from Halol, is a prominent geographical feature of this area. It is a southern outlier of the Aravalli hills and rises up to 800 meter above the surrounding plains. It is the source of many rivers such as River Dhadhar, river Vishwamitri, Surya Stream etc. Pavagadh hill station is located on the top of this hill.

Geologists believe the Pavagadh hill to be a part of the Deccan Trap, which came up as lava from the volcanoes began to pour out 5000 million years ago. In fact, one can find several steep rock exposures on this hill that have been attributed to the flow of lava from ancient volcanic eruptions. Thus we see that Pavgadh hill is a very old hill with a complex rock formation. 

Climatic Condition of Halol

Halol enjoys a tropical type of climate. May is the hottest month in this region. During that period the temperature may rise up to 42 degree centigrade. January is the coldest month here. During this period the minimum temperature may go below 12 degree centigrade while the maxi mum temperature may rise up to 28 degree centigrade. Although the monsoon starts at the end of June and continues till beginning of October the town receives good amount of rainfall in July, August and September. Among them, maximum amount of rain falls in July. The yearly average precipitation can reach up to 943 mm.

History of Halol

History of Halol

It is true that not much is known about the history of the city of Halol. The only historical edifice of this town is the Tomb of Sikander Shah, located near city Bus Stand. However, the area around the town is steeped in history. Champaner, located at a distance of 9 km from Halol at the foothill of Pavagadha hill, has been the seat of power and the center of many political upheavals since 8th century AD. Halol, located in its vicinity was directly influenced by them

According to the available records, Champaner was founded by Vanraj Chavda of Chavda Dynasty and was named after his favorite general, Champaraj. After the death of Vanraj his descendents ruled over the area for five successive generations. In 942 AD, the last Chavda king Samantsingh was overthrown by his nephew Mulraj Solanki, who later formed the Solanki Dynasty and ruled over the area for a long period.  Later the area went under the Chavan Dynasty and finally in 15th century AD it went under Muslim rule.

Muhammad Begada, the son of Ahmed Shah and Sultan of Gujarat, captured Champaner and its surrounding area in 1484 AD. He then transferred his capital from Ahmedabad to Champaner and began to rule from there. In 1535, the area was captured by the army of Emperor Humayun and the reign passed into the hands of Mughals.

However in 1727, the area witnessed the return of Hindu kings. That year, the area was seized by Krishanji, the son of Kantaji Kadam Bande. He ruled over the region until it was seized by the Sindiyas in the middle of the said century.

The next important event took place in 1803 when the British seized the Pavagadh Fort. However, they did not try to extend their administration over this region; nor did they levy taxes. Instead, they handed over the fort to Sindhiyas.  In 1853, however, the British took over the entire Panch Mahal District and the Sindhiyas were forced to give up the Panagadh Fort. The British then, put the district under Bombay state. When Gujarat was formed on 1st May, 1960, Halol along with rest of Panch Mahal became a part of it.

It may be argued that Halol had no historical significant in the days gone by and the above mentioned history is actually the history of Champaner, not of Halol. However, it must be understood that Halol was not immune to the incidents taking place in its vicinity. It was not only witness to rise and fall of many dynasties in Gujarat, but was directly influenced by them. In fact, the history of Halol was very much a part of the happenings at Champaner and the battles fought for the control of the town.  

Administration in Halol

Halol Bus Stand

Since Halol is the administrative headquarters of Halol tehsil, the administration of the area is directly controlled by Mamlatdar in charge of Halol. He is the head of the revenue administration in areas under his jurisdiction and functions under the guidance of the Prant Officer and the District Controller. In case of any necessity you may contact him at the following numbers:

Office Phone No: 02676-221-066
Residential Phone No: 02676-220-066
Mobile No: 94262-23140
Email Id: mam-halol@gujarat.gov.in
The Prant Officer is another important official in charge of Halol. To contact him you may call at the following numbers:
Office Phone No: 02676-220-277
Mobile No: 99985-22299

However, the District Collector is the senior-most officer in charge of the entire district. He has multiple functions that range from revenue administration to disaster management. If you need to contact him you may do at the following numbers:

Office Phone No: 02672-242-800
Residential Phone No: 02672-242-900
Email Id: collector-pan@gujarat.gov.in

Halol Nagar Palika

Halol Entrance

Halol also has a municipal committee to look after its civic administration. It is popularly referred as the Halol Nagar Palika. Its job is to offer those services, which make city life healthy and pleasant.  Water supply, sewage and garbage management, maintenance of roads, parks and other public facilities, street lighting, emergency response for fire fighting, issuance of birth and death certificates, marriage registration certificates etc are some of responsibilities of the Nagar Palika.

It is to be noted that Halol Nagar Palika has a geographical area of 21.20 sq. km. For the effective administration of such a vast area, the town has been divided into nine wards. Each of these wards is represented by three elected councilors. Therefore, the total number of councilors at Nagar Palika is 27. The committee is headed by a Chairman selected from its members.  In case of any necessity you may contact it at the following address:

Halol Nagar Palika
Halol Nagar Seva Sadan
Vadodara Road, Near Garden,
City: Halol
Dist: Panch Mahal
Pin Code: 389350
Phone No: 02676 221972
Fax No: 02676 222207
E-mail Id: contact@halolnagarpalika.com

Emergency in Halol

As we have just mentioned, the District Collector is in charge of disaster management in Panch Mahal District and therefore, in case of any natural or manmade disaster, one may contact him directly. At the same time, Panch Mahal also has a Disaster Management Cell headed by the DC. Following are phone numbers of Mamlatdar in charge of the above mentioned cell:

Mamlatdar Disaster
Phone No: 02676-242-536
Mobile No: 98982-01010

Police Station in Halol

However, in case of many other problems that may or may not involve law and order it is customary to contact the Police Station first. It is located in Adarsh Society off Halol Pavagadh Road.  You may go there in person or call at 02676-220-100.

Business and Economy in Halol

Industry in Halol

The economy of Halol mainly depends on industries. The town not only houses a GIDC estate, but the region between Halol and Kalol falls under the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). In general, such zones are set up to encourage trade and industries. Consequently, the trade and business laws are more relaxed here. Some of the industries located here are Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, General Motors India Private Limited, Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd.(MI-Division), CEAT Tyres, Panchmahal Steel, Windar Renewable Energy, Siemens, TOTO India Industries Pvt Limited, Integra Hindustan Control Ltd, TI Metal Forming, Shakun Polymers Limited,  HNG Float Glass, SETCO Automotive, Mekaster Engineering Ltd, Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt Ltd etc.

Banks in Halol

The banking service in Halol is highly advanced Most of the major banks in India have opened their branches in this city Following is a list of some such banks in Halol: 

Allahabad Bank
Godhra Road
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code:  ALLA0212391 / 389010041 / 212391

Axis Road
Godhra Road
Opposite Telephone Exchange
Contact No:  02676-225913 /14 /15
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code:  UTIB0000773 / 389211041 / 000773

Bank of Baroda
Yamuna Kunj
Near Post Office
Contact No: 02676-220356, 221098
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code:  BARB0HALOLX / 389012041 / HALOLX

Bank of India
Opposite State Bus Stand
Email Id: Halol.Vadodara@bankofindia.co.in
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: BKID0002084 / 389013041 / 002084

Dena Bank
Bank Road
Opposite SBI
Contact No: 02676-220503
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code:  BKDN0220824 / 389018001 / 220824

Godhra Highway
Near Vivek Park
Contact No: 02676-224182/326915,
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: HDFC0000954 / 389240041 / 000954

Shayog Pavagadh Road
Contact No: 02676-225216
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code:  HDFC0CHMCBL / 389801041 / CHMCBL

Indian Overseas Bank
Baroda Road
Opposite Bus Stand
Contact No: 02676-222415
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: OBA0002165 / 389020041 / 002165

State Bank of India
Contact No: 02676-220374 IP153531
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: SBIN0000378 / 389002001 / 000378

Kothak Mahindra Bank
Baroda Road
Near Bus Stand
Contact No: 02676) 652041-52
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: KKBK0000844 / 389485041 / 000844

Central Bank of India
Contact No: 02676-220680
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: CBIN0280484 / NON-MICR / 280484

Nakoda Darshan Complex
Godhra Road
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: CIC0001770 / 389229041 / 001770

Corporation Bank
Godhra Road
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code:  CORP0001368 / 389017041 / 001368

Yes Bank
Nakhoda Darshan
Godhra Road
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code:  YESB0000255 / 389532041 / 000255

Bank of Maharashtra
Behind Telephone Exchange
Godhra Road
Contact No: 07405573390
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code: MAHB0001637 / 389014041 / 001637

Union Bank of India
Nilkanth Compex
GIDC Main Road
Contact No:  08140798329
IFSC Code / MICR Code / Branch Code:  UTBI0GIDM19 / NON-MICR / GIDM19

Tourism in Halol

While in Halol, take care to visit the Tomb of Siknader Shah. He was the ruler of Champaner and had been buried here along with his two brothers. This simple yet elegant stone structure is admired by all

Halol also has quite a few places of tourist interest located around it. Among them, we must first mention Champaner, located at a distance of 9 km from the town. The city, founded in the 8th century, has many ancient monuments built over different periods. In fact, the area in and around the city is famed as Champaner Pavagadh Park and has been awarded World Heritage Site tag by UNESCO.  The entire stretch from Pavagadh to Champaner is dotted with old forts, palaces, temples, mosques, mausoleums, step wells and tanks dating from the 8th century AD. The Heritage Trust of Baroda has listed 111 monuments in this entire area.

You may also take time to visit Pavagadha Hill Station located on top of Pavagadha Hill. The Mahakali temple on this hill is a place of pilgrimage for many. Jambugadha Wild Life Sanctuary, located at a distance of 33 km from the city is another good place to visit from Halol.

Halol at a Glance

Taluka: Halol
District: Panch Mahal
State: Gujarat
Pin Code: 389350
STD Code: 02676
Elevation: 499 meter
Coordinates:  22° 30' 0' North latitude and 73° 28' 0' East longitude
Assembly Constituency: Halol
Parliamentary Constituency: Chhota Udaipur

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